Who We Are

We are Sisters, each Raising a set of Sisters with our husbands, separated by geography but not philosophy.  And our lives are everything you would never expect.  Mustang Sally is a national sports television producer for FOX Sports and ESPN.  Penny Lane is an aerospace engineer and astronaut trainer for NASA.  We are Wives, Mothers and Daughters of Our King.  Our counter-culture careers (now part-time or on-hold), play a happy runner-up to investing in our families and working to change the culture our girls are destined to encounter.

We like to describe ourselves as “Empowered Traditionalists.”

Our homes are filled with equal parts rockets and baby dolls.  We navigate strewn-about racecars and tea sets while teaching our daughters to change diapers, change the oil in the car, change preconceptions and that it’s okay to maybe someday change their last names.  Above all, we are teaching them to be unashamed, unwavering, unstoppable women of God.

 Sisters Raising Sisters