Penny’s Picks: The ExiTool

This Christmas holiday season, my present to you is sharing some of my gift for sniffing out the good deals. We’re calling it Penny’s Picks, and you won’t want to miss a single one.

Penny's Picks at Sisters Raising Sisters

Today’s pick could be perfect for so many different people on your list (and mine, but shhh, don’t tell):

  • the man who loves high quality knives
  • the safety conscious
  • families 
  • the car enthusiast
  • college kids leaving home
  • the person who has everything

Really, this is a great gift for anyone with a vehicle.

The Columbia River Knife and Tool company makes some of the highest quality knives around. This is called their ExiTool. 

Here’s what CRKT has to say about why they designed it:

Every driver has a concern about being trapped in a vehicle in an accident. 

First, there is the worry about being unable to release a seat belt because it is jammed or if the release is inaccessible. Second, there are the difficulties of escaping a vehicle that has been submerged in water. Water pressure may make it difficult or impossible to open doors or lower windows until water has seeped in and the internal pressure is equalized. 

The ExiTool includes:

  • High-carbon stainless steel seat belt cutter
  • Tungsten carbide window breaker
  • Bright L.E.D. flashlight

The ExiTool fits around your seatbelt like this so you’ve always got it within reach if you need it. I was amazed, when driving my mom’s car that has one, that it is totally unobtrusive. You don’t even notice it is there. But you’ll be glad it is (and not stuffed in a glove box) if you ever need it. And the design smartly protects the cutting blade so that it is virtually impossible even for the little ones to get their fingers cut.

Penny's Picks - CRKT Exitool

Go check out lots of pictures on how it works here. The retail price from CRKT is $26.99, but I’ve found you a much better deal. Buy it from Amazon today and get it for $16.66 (plus free shipping with Amazon Prime or a $35 purchase).

Now, all those hard-to-buy-for folks can get checked off your list. You are welcome!

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a great tool to have! I’m going to check it out.

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